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eternelDB is a directory of Black owned businesses across the African Diaspora.

Perline Paul, Founder of the Today’s Young Professional Podcast and KLEED brand created eternelDB with Black businesses in mind. While looking for ways to promote her own brand she realized that there were very little outlets for Black businesses to promote themselves at no charge.

In an effort to support them, eternelDB requires no payment for inclusion in the directory. By doing so we allow accessibility for anyone looking to showcase their products and/or services. We also want this to be a resource for those that want to support Black owned businesses. Users can expect to see a wide array of businesses that span a multitude of sectors. New businesses are added daily!


If you’d like to have your business listed in the eternelDB directory, please register here. To experience increased website traffic and social engagement, consider advertising with us.


About the Podcast

The Today’s Young Professional Podcast is a 30-minute podcast geared towards young professionals. TYP is intended to be informative and conversational in nature. The podcast features timely content and speaks to the issues young professionals face along their career journey. In addition, as an offshoot of the core TYP podcast, the Tailor Your Peace segment features 10-minute episodes, discussing mental health, self-care and wellness topics.

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