AfriBix is a fashion and lifestyle brand aimed at promoting body positivity and individuality within the fashion industry understanding that we are all unique and are beautiful in our own way. Their designs are inspired by African and European culture and heritage.

AfriBix was founded as the answer to the need for a wholesome black-owned inclusive fashion and lifestyle brand that not only had a purpose but was authentic, affordable and had a diverse product range.

At the core of AfriBix is the aim to unite a tribe of passionate and driven individuals who want to inspire and change the world. Their designs feature symbology, inspirational and witty messages, that help customers express their individuality without compromising on style and comfort. AfriBix caters to adults and children and they also have a home range. The catalog is continuously expanding as they aim to be the one-stop-shop for contemporary apparels and accessories.


London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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