Brown Suga Bae, created by Olivia Ashantaé says integrity is at the foundation of her business. When Olivia sought out to create a brand that was reflective of the products she wanted to share, she did so with honesty and transparency in her heart. Olivia believes what we put on our skin matters. How the ingredients in their products benefit us and improve the health and appearance of our skin matters.

For these very reasons, Brown Suga Bae took form and continues to be her propelling reason behind the importance of developing small batch, handmade products with love. It is through time and effort that she is able to confidently produce a product that represents integrity and passion for natural, non-toxic, skin care in homes across the country. Brown Suga Bae's mission is to make skin and beauty agents that you and your family will love and trust. Brown Suga Bae products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. They are an ALL natural brand committed to the safety of you and the environment.

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