Maya, founder of MayaMadeThis, loved funky accent jewelry and statement pieces her whole life, and started to make her own jewelry in 2017. Maya loved making button earrings for herself, and with some encouragement from friends and loved ones, decided to share her creations with the world by opening MayaMadeThis in August 2017!

Since then, Maya has expanded to dangle earrings, bar necklaces, hoop earrings, leather earrings, beaded stretch bracelets, dainty stud earrings, and simple wire rings. She is so happy to have re-introduced creativity and making into her adult life, and excited to continue to expand the types of items available in her shop -- Maya adds new pieces daily, so check back often! She believes jewelry is a fabulous way to display your personality, and she hopes other fun, funky, colorful souls feel they can put that on display while wearing her pieces. Maya makes pieces suitable for women, girls, men, and folks who don't really identify as part of the gender binary, and have had girls as young as 6 and women as old as 94 love her earrings.


Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

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