Did you know that your scalp and skin absorb about 70% of products applied? Once absorbed, those products travel directly to your bloodstream. MoonLit Glo keeps that in mind with each and every product they handcraft. From the infusion of organic essential oil blends to their 100% reusable & recyclable packaging, MoonLit Glo meticulously chooses ingredients that help your scalp and skin protect itself from pollution and improve your overall self-care. Many of their products are gentle enough for oral consumption, with the exception of some of the Essential Oil blends. Shop MoonLit Glo Balms, Butters, Oils, Scrubs and Candles and enhance your GLO! MoonLit Glo plant-based hair, skin & self-care essentials are handcrafted with pure, unrefined, NON-GMO ingredients.

In fact, all MoonLit Glo products are vegan with the exclusion of products that feature organic, unrefined honey; such as the MoonLit Glo Pink Salt Scrub for a deep and intense exfoliation.

MoonLit Glo essentials are completely free of artificial fragrances, fillers, preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, alcohol, additives, petroleum and harmful chemicals. Their gentle ingredients make a powerful difference. Keeping beauty simple with their pure, simple, organic products.

MoonLit Glo ensures every step is purposeful. They utilize recyclable & unique packaging as a means to reinforce ideas of sustainability, ensure quality product, and appeal. The best, natural ingredients that are used for our temples (hair & body) tend to dissolve & eat through cheap materials, like plastics. The release of BPA & other chemical reactions alters the quality and scent of their products. And over time, can be detrimental to a healthy mind, body & soul, let alone the environment; therefore, they package their products using 100% recyclable glass & materials. All of the MoonLit Glo products that are packaged in glass participate in the MoonLit Glo Clean Glass Sustainability Program.

The Clean Glass Sustainability Program not only helps the environment, but your pockets too! Each time a customer empties one of their glass packaged items, they encourage that you clean it & return it for money off your next order.

Whether you participate in the MoonLit Glo Clean Glass Sustainability Program or not; they strongly encourage you to reuse/upcycle the glass in some way (i.e. reed oil diffuser, container, etc.). At the very least, they encourage that you PLEASE recycle with your local recyclables collectors.

MoonLit Glo is proud to provide wholesome, quality products. As a brand that promotes self-care, they have made it their purpose to inspire the world through beauty and love.

As always, MoonLit Glo thanks you for your support!

MoonLit Glo is committed to creating and providing wholesome products that your body desires. They are dedicated to sustaining the Earth. MoonLit Glo values the livelihoods of everyone involved in their creation from their farmers, producers, manufacturers, etc. MoonLit Glo is a small business, built on the principles of family. Your family is their family, indubitably. They are very grateful and thankful for all your current and growing support!


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America

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