Why spend $20-$30 at Sephora on lashes, when you can spend ONLY $7.99 for the exact same lash?


Morocha Beauty offers scrunchies that are silky, smooth & stylish! Their full satin silk scrunchy gently yet firmly holds hair in place without causing any harm to your ends! The best part is that it accommodates thick and healthy hair! So say goodbye to your hair-ripping ponytails and get their silky babes!


Made from 100% cruelty free mink fur. All of Morocha Beauty lashes are designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day, you might even forget they are on! Their lashes are light, fluffy and will become essential to your makeup routine 💜

Lashes can be worn 20-25 times OR MORE with proper care💜


Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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