Natural Ash is created and formulated by founder, Ashley Cummings, RN. Each batch of body butter is handmade in Harlem with only natural ingredients. Natural Ash understands that everyone’s skin is different and requires individual attention, therefore they have a variety of body butters.

Working as an Oncology Registered Nurse and learning about the chemicals found in beauty products that can lead to cancer, Ashley Cummings started to pay attention to the ingredients in her skincare products. As a result, she started to experiment with natural body butters sourced from Africa, as well as different oils. Ashley wanted to know what she was putting on her skin for hydration, as the product will then go into her body.

As a nurse, she naturally wants those around her to take care of their bodies and skin. After all, your skin’s health is a direct reflection of your overall health and wellness. This is your body’s largest organ and its protectant. Healthy skin gives people self esteem and the confidence to reach their highest potential.

The name, Natural Ash means to naturally rid your skin of being “ashy”. Natural Ash embodies health, skincare, and positivity. Taking care of your skin gives you self esteem and a positive self image. Natural Ash not only takes care of your skin, but also is environmentally conscious when selecting ingredients and packaging. Remember, always Care Beneath Your Skin.


New York City, New York, United States

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